Founded by veteran marketer and writer Tammy Nelson, Whipsmart Content is inspired by
the beauty, artistry and skill of our clients’ work.

Whipsmart Content is a nimble copy and content provider skilled in working with a wide array of clients in diverse industries. While we specialize in working in the real estate industry and with individual designers and artists, we’ve also worked with corporate clients in sectors as diverse as software, building materials, financial services and solar power.

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TAMMY NELSOn, founder

For 25 years, Tammy Nelson has been creating compelling content and copy for brands, realtors, artisans and entrepreneurs. Prior to launching Whipsmart Content, she worked in executive roles in market research, advertising and publishing.

Tammy is a native Californian by birth and a New Yorker by choice. She's lived in New York City for more than a decade and currently resides in Upper Manhattan with her rescue dogs, Dixie and Vivian.


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